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Below the lesbian's jeans butt

Sabrina & Shrima

The two lesbians want to have lot of fun today! Sexy Sabrina grabs her helpless girlfriend Shrima and starts to hit her ass! Only moments later she further increases her punishment and orders her to lick her jeans pussy - before sitting down at the face of her friend with her hot ass! She won't stop now - and flattens her face as much as she can...!

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Living seat cushion below sexy jeans butt

Lizaveta & Shrima

The two jeans girls are very hot! But one of them is way more dominant than the other and starts to press down her girlfriend! Then she starts to touch her jeans! At first she tries to resist - but she has no chance! She has to be the living seat cushion below the sexy jeans ass of her hot girlfriend! Her face will be rode again and again!

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Sexy extreme jeans dominance

Miranda & Nika

Nika has finally had enough of Miranda! She is very dominant and now throws the Asian girl around! Then she throws her down on the chair and sits down with her jeans ass on her face! Now she rides Miranda's face, hard and powerful! Then she turns around and presses her face against her jeans pussy! Afterwards there are a few more kicks for Miranda, and then Nika puts a kiss on her mouth! Now Nika wants to lick the jeans pussy of the sweet Asian girl!

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Jeans face sitting gets Gina Gerson all horny

Gina Gerson & Liona

Today Gina Gerson gets down on her girlfriend Liona and spanks her sexy jeans ass! Then she pushes Liona’s face against her own jeans pussy, and Liona has to lick and kiss her jeans cunt! Now Gina even sits down smack on Liona’s face! She presses down with her jeans ass against Liona’s face, because today Liona is her seat cushion - and has to satisfy her! After a while, she changes her position and rubs her jeans pussy against Liona’s nose! She grabs Liona’s face until she makes her come!

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Today Iren takes whatever she wants!

Iren & Sabrina

Iren deals with her girlfriend Sabrina today! At first she hits her ass with some slaps! Iren is turned on very much because of Sabrina's sexy jeans butt and she enjoys every moment she works on her butt! Next she grabs her hair, presses her face down and orders her to lick her hot jeans pussy! With every second Sabrina's face is pushed with more power! She tries out different positions to find out which way she is satisfied most by her girlfriend...!

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