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Latoya rides Attika's face

Attika & Latoya

Latoya is a sexy girl and she likes to play with her girlfriend. Today she decides to sit down at her back with her hot jeans ass because it's time for a ride! Latoya places Attika with her head at the couch and takes a seat at her face. She presses her sexy jeans ass hard against her so Attika barely can breathe! But that doesn't matter because Latoya has so much fun riding her face! She changes the position here and there but something never changes: Her awesome ass perfectly fits at her head!

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Taissia's face below Jay Dee's jeans butt!

Jay Dee & Taissia

Today Jay Dee grabs her girlfriend Taissia and wants to have some fun...! She has bound her at the stool and wants to sit down at her sweet face with her sexy jeans ass! Taissia moans because it is very painful - but Jay Dee doesn't stop and continues to use her face as a very comfortable human seating cushion! She changes the position from time to time whenever she likes it - and Taissia barely has time to breathe some fresh air...!

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Lets whip this fucking hot jeans ass!

Runa & Taissia

Today Runa has to bear lot of nasty things because Taissia throws her at the bed and immediately starts to whip her hot jeans ass! Runa has no chance to defend herself and more and more strokes hit her ass! Then Taissia sits down with her sexy jeans ass at Runa so she cannot move anymore! She continues and enjoys the sounds of the whip when she hits her ass and continues to dominate her!

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Candy's jeans ass needs to be whipped!

Candy Julia & Taissia

Taissia wants to educate her girlfriend Candy Julia today - and it is a fact that this bad girl needs some punishment today! She takes a whip and hits her sexy jeans ass with it! Taissia can do whatever she likes with her! She bends her over and continues to whip her! Then she even sits down at her face and use her as a very comfortable human cushion - while she still continues to hit her with the whip! You can easily recognize the sounds the whip produces when hitting her - and the moaning of the poor Candy Julia...!

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Jeans mistress Limonika rides her nude girlfriend pony

Candy Julia & Limonika

Today Limonika takes her girlfriend Candy Julia - who is also her submissive slave - to have some fun...! Candy Julia already awaits her at the bed - completely naked! Limonika doesn't wait long and takes her on a leash like a dog! Next she sits down with her sexy jeans ass and rides Candy Julia's bare butt! Again and again she smacks Candy's round ass until she takes the belt right out off her jeans - and uses it to also hit her butt! But still this isn't the end! Finally she sits back at her and rides again on her well-trained human pony...!

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