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Jeans facesitting with jeans lesbians

Anna & Olesya

Anna and Olesya are very good friends normally - but not today! One of them is very dominant: Anna! So Olesya has to take lot of nasty stuff today...! She starts with some slaps at her sexy jeans butt. But this is only the beginning! Few moments later Anna's ass sits down at Olesya's face. She tries to resist her with all her power - but Olesya has no chance against the powerful, mighty and dominant Anna!

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Sexy jeanssitting with two girls

Genya & Veronika

One jeansgirl already lies at the bed and plays with her dice! Hot Veronika cannot watch her for long without starting to join her... of course in her special way: She presses her girlfriend towards the bed! With her jeans butt she prevents her from raising again - and from breathing too! She changes her position however she likes it and presses her ass again and again at Genya's face!

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Amber takes whatever she likes

Amber & Lera

The two girls Amber and Lera are relaxing in the living room. But suddenly Amber starts to grope at her girlfriend and presses her sexy jeans pussy against her! There is no chance of resisting - and then she also starts to hit her jeans ass! Then Amber presses her girlfriends her jeans ass at her face - and enjoys every dominant moment! Lera cannot resist or defend - she has to take it as long as Amber likes it - and that's til she reaches the climax!

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Orgasm by jeans facesitting

Amber & Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson spanks her girlfriend's jeans ass and gets really turned on by it! She pushes her down on the bed and then sits down on Amber's face! Amber starts struggling and moaning, but Gina's so turned on by it she doesn't even care - she even presses her ass down more and more firmly! She rubs her jeans pussy on Amber's face until she has an orgasm! Then both jeans girls are really exhausted!

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Helpless seating cushion below her jeans ass

Alicea & Genya

Today Alicea hits her girlfriend Genya's sexy jeans ass with her hands! Then she sits down at a bench and starts groping at her! Of course Genya doesn't like it but Alicea sits down with her sexy jeans ass at her face and gives her no chance to escape! She rubs her jeans above her face and browses a magazine while doing so! Genya still doesn't like it - but Alicea won't stand up very soon...!

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