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The dildo between her jeans legs

Anya & Canella

Today Anya wants to deal with her girlfriend Canella! She lies at the bed and Anya sits down right at her! Then she presses the dildo between her jeans legs. Anya enjoys it and turns her girlfriend. This way she can hit her jeans ass much better - and of course the dildo also gets it's chance again! After this Anya sits down at Canella's face too and presses her jeans ass rough at her nose - before letting her reaching the climax!

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Nikky has to serve as her cushion

Jenny & Nikky

Today right at the beginning Nikky has to take some hits at her sexy jeans ass - of course by her dominant girlfriend Jenny! Jenny presses Nikky towards the bed and then sits down with her awesome jeans ass right at Nikky's face! Nikky has no chance to defend herself against Jenny and so she has to accept that Jenny uses her face as her seating cushion whenever Jenny likes it...!

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Caught beneath her jeansass

Attika & Jenny

Attika grabs her girlfriend Jenny today and forces her down on the bed! Then she sits down on Jenny's face with her hot jeansbutt and enjoys it tremendously! Jenny can hardly breathe, but Attika doesn't really care. She's utilising her girldfriend just compliant with her own desires and enjoys the feeling of her girlfriend's nose and her mouth beneath her jeansass! Jenny can barely defend herself!

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Hot jeans dominance

Nadya Fox & Nikky

Nikky sits down on the back of her friend Nadya Fox with her hot jeans ass and rides her like a pony. Then she sits down on the edge of the cupboard and makes Nadya lick her hot jeans pussy! She presses her friend's head firmly against her jeans and enjoys feeling her tongue! Then she gives her a few slaps on the jeans ass before finally riding her again!

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Nika rides Anya's face

Anya & Nika

Today Nika bounds Anya at the bed so she can't defend herself anymore...! She loves to dominate her girlfriend and now she is completely at her mercy! First she smacks her sexy jeans ass with her hands. But then she sits down with her awesome jeans ass right at Anya's face and prevents her from breathing anymore! She rides Anya's face very hand - and becomes sooo horny while doing so...!

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